Metamorph Siamese Twin Maske

Varenummer: 90678 ID: 6743

Helt RÅ latexmaske med hals. Meget bra kvalitet og finish på denne. Produsert for hånd i Mexico. Husk Ekstra blod for enda bedre og "fersk" effekt!

Kr 699,-

Product Description So this is how it looks when a disgusting micro parasite becomes macro and decides to go from endo to ecto as well! Hmm, I see an off-the-wall split jaw, lots of blood... the Parasite Mask has large neck and chest sections that also reinforce the revoltingly realistic impression. Hello under there! Eye slits above the bloody parasite skull make it easy for you to see and there are also nose and ear openings. No reason to jump out of your skin!